Dual Enrollment and Course Offerings

(Additional offerings are explored each year)


  • DE World History I (HI 101)
  • DE World History II (HI 102)
  • DE American History I (HI 201)
  • DE American History II (HI 202)


  • AP Language and Composition
  • DE Composition (EN 101)
  • DE Composition & Literature (EN 102)


  • AP Chemistry


  • DE Pre-Calculus (MA 116)
  • DE Calculus w/Analytical Geometry (MA 220)


  • DE General Psychology (PY 101)
  • AP Studio Art/2D
  • DE Spanish I (SP 101)
  • DE Spanish II (SP 102)

For more information, contact the principal or the teachers of the individual courses through the school office.

rhoads-teachingBecause Dominion Christian Schools is a college-preparatory school, we encourage students who excel academically to be challenged in their studies. While all of the courses taught at DCS are rigorous and will prepare students for college, some students may want to excel even further. For this reason, we offer several Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These are offered as we have faculty available and qualified to teach the courses, and as we have sufficient demand to offer the classes. Dual Enrollment is in partnership with Truett-McConnell University (www.truett.edu).

These courses are significantly more challenging than regular classes, in that they require a high degree of independent work, significant outside reading, and greater mastery of the material. AP and Dual Enrollment courses are college-level work. Thus, much more is expected of students than in regular courses. For example, students are expected to have mastered all material covered in prerequisite courses. If such material needs review, it is the student’s responsibility to seek out that review on his/her own.

Due to the additional degree of difficulty of AP and Dual Enrollment courses, these courses are weighted by 25% in the GPA (with an “A” in an AP course counting as 5.0 toward the GPA).

In the spring, AP students can opt to take the national AP exam in that course, with an additional fee to be announced. This fee covers the cost charged by the College Board for the exam. The scores on the AP exam may qualify students for advanced standing in college. Various colleges and universities have their own standards as to how credit is given for AP courses. The AP exam is graded on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest). Scores of 3 may earn college credit; a 4 score will earn credit from many colleges; and a score of 5 will earn credit from most colleges. Parents and students should check with individual colleges to find out what their policy is on granting credit for AP course work.

Enrollment in AP and Dual Enrollment classes varies according to the particular course. Some courses require permission of the instructor,  some have particular course prerequisites and GPA minimums, and some are open to all students.

Please note: All students in AP classes will be required to take the first semester exam in that class, in order to give them necessary practice for the AP exam in the spring. AP and Dual Enrollment students may be required to take the first semester exam (regardless of exception opportunities in other classes). Additionally, students enrolled in some AP and Dual Enrollment classes may be required to complete reading or other assignments during the summer before classes begin. Students in AP science classes may be required to attend occasional after-school or Saturday labs.

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