It is a blessing to serve the students of DCS. Each day our students are challenged academically, and inspired spiritually to walk in the love and truth of God's Word. This year we have 16 students at DCS as a result of the Georgia School Scholarship Organization. (

The Georgia SSO provides tuition scholarships to children who desire to attend private K-12 schools. Only students who are Georgia residents enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school or who are eligible to enroll in a qualified kindergarten program or pre-kindergarten program can receive Georgia SSO Scholarships.

How does participating in the Georgia SSO program benefit DCS families?

It frees up existing financial aid to be directed toward current DCS families in need.
It improves school wide enrollment and helps keep tuition costs down.
It gives you, the taxpayer, an opportunity to decide how to spend Georgia income tax dollars (which you are already paying).

Who is eligible?

If you currently pay Georgia state income taxes you are eligible to redirect state income tax dollars to Georgia SSO for DCS. The amounts you can redirect are as follows:

Individual filing: any amount up to $1,000.00 per tax year.

Married, filing jointly:  any amount up to $2,500 per tax year.

S-Corporations, LLC & Partnerships up to $10,000
C-Corporations: any amount up to 75% of total tax liability.

How do I participate? Participation is EASY! Just follow these three steps:

Simply fill out the IT-QEE-TP1 form and e-mail to

We will submit your request to Georgia SSO & Georgia Department of Revenue.

The department then has 30 days to send you your preapproval for the donation. If filing jointly, include both spouses' Tax ID's (SS#). Be certain to sign page 2 of the form (only one signature required).

Once you receive preapproval, you then have 60 business days to donate to the Georgia SSO. In order to qualify for the credit, your donation must be post-marked by December 31.

Make your donation to Georgia SSO


Make sure you list "Dominion Christian Schools" in the memo line of your check. After receiving your donation - Georgia SSO will then send you a donation receipt and a form (IT-QEE-SSO1) which you will attach to your state and federal return. It is just that simple!

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