Dominion Christian School's mission is to glorify God as we prepare students in mind, body, and spirit to meet life's challenges with a Christ-centered Biblical worldview. By intentionally and unapologetically providing a Biblically-based college-preparatory program, we have an awesome privilege at DCS to literally affect the lives of thousands...for their immediate future and for eternity.


Tuition and fees do not cover all of the real cost of attending Dominion Christian School. The Annual Fund, fund raisers, and generous contributions help support the cost of a DCS education for each of our students. Your gifts are essential to ensuring that future students have the opportunity to receive the exceptional education that Dominion has to offer.

The economic times has not left Dominion's families unaffected and the need for financial aid has been substantial. Because of DCS' commitment to our families, the school has increased its financial aid offerings.

Your gifts strengthen the programs, activities and opportunities that define the Dominion experience and the future of the school.

Donations to Dominion Christian School are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you have questions regarding your donation, please contact:

Jodie Von Kamecke, Business Manager

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