Dominion Christian School provides opportunity for students to earn college credit through our Dual Enrollment partnership with Truett-McConnell University. TMU is a 4-year, SACS/Advanc-ED accredited institution.

Dominion offers the following AP and Dual Enrollment (DE) courses:

AP Courses   DE Courses College Credits
AP Chemistry
AP Language & Composition
AP Studio Art
  World History 101 & 102 (Online)
United States History 101 & 102
English 101 Advanced Composition
English 102 Literary Types & Composition
Spanish 101 & 102 (Online)
College Algebra 102 (Online)
Pre Calculus 116 (Online)
Statistics 200 (Online)
Calculus w/Analytical Geometry 220 (Online)
Concepts in Biology 101 (Online)
General Psychology 210 (Online)

Dual enrollment is made possible through the Accel Program allowing qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors to pursue advanced studies while receiving high school credit and college credit. Dominion has approved faculty to teach one or more TMU courses. Additionally, we also offer TMU courses through their online program. At this time, the Georgia legislature has determined that credit hours earned through the Accel Program do not count toward the limit of postsecondary hours paid for by the HOPE program.

Program Benefits

  • Courses qualify for both college and high school credit
  • Courses are through a fully accredited program; courses are widely accepted as transferable college credits
  • Credit hours earned do not count toward the limit of postsecondary hours paid through the HOPE program.

Student Enrollment Requirements

  • Junior or senior at Dominion (sophomores are eligible for DE World History courses).
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, minimum B grade in previous/pre-requisite course(s).
  • Recommendation of previous teacher.
  • For the fall semester, all paperwork must be submitted to the guidance counselor by June 30, 2019.

General requirement

  • Students enrolled in the online courses must have their own technology device (phones do not qualify; a laptop or tablet meeting the OS requirements of a TMU course) on campus.
  • All courses must be approved by the principal.
  • Students must qualify for dual enrollment courses in the same manner as AP courses.
  • Regular DCS tuition applies to all dual enrollment students; TMU tuition is covered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission Accel Program.

Download Application for Dual Enrollment Courses

Questions should be directed to Mr. Lightner, Principal (mlightner@dominionmail.org).

Note: Qualified high school juniors and/or seniors may be admitted for college-level work as dual enrollment students. Although the dual enrollment program does not mandate specific academic requirements for participation, it is important for the student to understand that college credit hours earned at Truett-McConnell University as a dual enrollment student, are not transferable to a University System of Georgia institution unless the student has achieved a 970 SAT score and earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the dual enrollment courses he/she has taken. In addition, each institution may deem the specific academic area to which the credit is assigned. Students admitted to this program receive college credit for all courses successfully completed at Truett-McConnell University. Acceptance of college credit for completing high school graduation requirements is at the discretion of the appropriate local school system.

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