nabile-depraectJULY 20, 2017, MARIETTA, GA -- It is a pleasure to announce the addition of Ms. Nabile Depraect to the faculty of Dominion Christian Schools.

Ms. Depraect was born and raised in Mexico. She received her BA in Communication in 2009. It was after a cultural exchange program in North Carolina, that she felt her true vocation was in front of a classroom helping young people excel not only in the academic department but also in life. She taught ESL, Geography, and History in her hometown, Culiacán, Mexico. She moved to the US and felt God directing her again towards teaching.

Ms. Depraect shared with us, "I love talking about God. I am so grateful for the magnificent work He has done in my life, that I want to glorify Him with my testimony. Genesis 50:20 is such an amazing example of how God can use everything in your life and turn it to good, and that is proof of how amazing the Lord is, and it needs to be shared."

Ms. Depraect enjoys reading, making crafts, and trying new experiences. She is very excited to see how God will use her at Dominion Christian Schools.