Dr. Chuck Whittaker, Director of Spiritual Development
December 15, 2015

Last time we addressed the idea that there seems to be an increasing about of young people who move into their college and career and leave their church and faith behind. We determined that some of the statistics presented (i.e.65-95% of youths stop attending church after they graduate) may be more anecdotal than empirically or scientifically based. However, it is believed that whatever the exact statistics, there is definitely an increasing trend in this direction.

An excerpt from a book by David Kinnaman: You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving the Church and Rethinking Church, explores the challenges of faith development among teens within our rapidly shifting culture. One of his reasons has been systematically addressed by Dominion High School's Bible department.

Here is Reason #3

"Churches come across as antagonistic to science: One of the reasons young adults feel disconnected from church or from faith is the tension they feel between Christianity and science. The most common of the perceptions in this arena is 'Christians are too confident they know all the answers' (35%).

Three out of ten young adults with a Christian background feel that "churches are out of step with the scientific world we live in" (29%). Another one-quarter embrace the perception that 'Christianity is anti-science' (25%). And nearly the same proportion (23%) said they have 'been turned off by the creation-versus-evolution debate.' Furthermore, the research shows that many science-minded young Christians are struggling to find ways of staying faithful to their beliefs and to their professional calling in science-related industries."

A Rare Opportunity

The Creation Apologetics class deals with all these issues! We present to the students the latest arguments for Creation, throw out the inadequate ones, and encourage them to share their faith with Christian love, humility and patience. We also have Christian Ph.D scientists come and speak to the class to present the latest cutting-edge concepts to more adequately explain the natural world than the evolution model does. Christians understand that certain forms of evolution do exist, and we believe natural selection is a valid process, but the extent to which secular scientists look to these processes to explain our world is greatly assumption-based and often not supported by hard facts.

The Creation Apologetics course, offered to seniors at Dominion, is quite rare for the high school level. A widely known, well-traveled Christian leader said that he knew of only a handful of Christian schools world-wide that have a course totally devoted to the Biblical Young Earth Creationism.

A Student Testimonial

As I close this article, I will let an alumni who has been on the front lines in college, standing for his faith and dealing with doctrines that test their faith, share his experience. I have left this testimony anonymous for the sake of the student's privacy. While there are other testimonies, this particular one best summarizes what this course has meant to many students. If anyone would like to hear other testimonies please contact me at Dominion.

This student is speaking about his professor teaching science from an evolutionist viewpoint:

"She has gone over almost everything you said in class last year, and in my head I have constantly had to tell myself to just shut my mouth and not argue with my professor. She has talked about 15,000 year old soil found next to a Mastodon, and all the carbon dating surrounding it. I can honestly tell you I could have had a strong argument for each one and it gives me comfort.

I really do miss hearing about God and that pale blue dot He created for His glory. I have gone back and looked at my Creation projects and it is great to see it all, and to remember who I am here for. I hope all is well at Dominion and I wish everyone could have that Creation course before entering some of these loony college science classes."

I hope this article has helped to make the importance of Christian High School education more obvious. No matter how educated your child will become, poor worldview indoctrination can undermine everything good, lasting, and eternal about their future. They may be materially rich but morally, spiritually, or ethically bankrupt.

We will continue to pray for the parents of the upcoming generation in these financially uncertain times, that they will pray earnestly about their investment for time and eternity.

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